"This Place we call Tierra"

Photo by  Paola Aguilar  on  Unsplash

the unknotting of oneself from this thing we call Tierra is an
alluring endeavor—a far off untouchable fantasy or nightmare. 

we dream it's like balloons knotted around a child's wrist
seeking to be untethered and float away into the blue beyond.

so to our elusive desires can overwhelm us to think there's no hope—
no hope of being a part of something beautiful and wonderful.

but nothing is farther from the truth. we're knotted around
each other's wrists—together on this thing we call Tierra.

each of us dependent that each other's knots are good and taut—
making sure no one will pull the knot loose.

because together we make this thing we call Tierra: 
a beautiful and wonderful place.
a place created for you and me. 

so don't untether yourself and float away into the blue beyond— 
you’re needed to help weigh us earthwards to this thing we call Tierra.