Text From My Dad That Brought Me To Tears

I need to share this text I received from my dad today!



I don’t talk much with my parents or my sister and it’s all on my—I have no excuses only it could be I am a hesitant to open doors I don’t want to enter.

This text reminded me of the reading and speech issues I had as a kid—I still have speech issues.

I couldn’t read until third grade. There were many of reasons, but the biggest one could've been I was lazy and wanted someone to read for me. I remember my dad and I laying on the floor and reading about all the battles, historical figures, space—the finale frontier, diseases, and other nifty things found in the Encyclopedia Britannica. Do you remember those? It’s a travesty young people don’t know about these books of awesomeness.

I remember bookmarking the pages that had photos I wanted to know more about, like the dead Union soldier in the Civil War section. And I remember my dad telling me this would be the last time he read it too me. After going back and forth with him, he stopped reading to me—I remember this being one reason I pushed myself to read.

It wasn’t until I began to I read that my dreams started coming alive. It was out of love someone pushed me to achieve bigger and better things, even if I didn’t recognize it as being love at the time. I am who I am today because of love. God does that. He loves us unconditionally—I like how author Brennan Manning said it,

“God loves you unconditionally, as you are and not as you should be, because nobody is as they should be.”

The other unwritten part of that statement is this—because of God’s indiscriminate compassion I can pursue my dreams and passions knowing full well that failure is nothing to fear. We're told that God is love—I read it in the Bible. I also read God is for us and not against us. I know this message is not what we hear nowadays about God—some pride and nationalism, and some downright nasty people changed the message, and have invaded what God put here on earth to tell the world He loves them.

To the point of me sharing this text with you—If Love is for us then why do we allow fear and failure to keep us from living out our dreams. Why do we let fear and failure keeps us from loving people the way Jesus loves?

One last thing. Jenny (That’s my sister) If you are reading this I am sorry for tearing up your homework to use as bookmarks.

I hope you keep reading and dreaming,