Water-cooler Tuesday… Oceans (Live) | Hillsong United


Hillsong United, Oceans - Live from Colour Conference Sydney, 2013

This is the song that has a grip on my soul right now. I am so blessed and encouraged by this song.

*Water-cooler Tuesday is intended to give you a little something to chuckle about during your water-cooler break or even if it’s not your break time*

How I see worship

cross-66700_640I want to talk about worship for a little bit...

I must admit I am not the most qualified voice on the topic of worship when it comes to worship services. I am not a worship pastor, I don't help plan worship services anymore, and I really don't like music all that much - HUH! surprised disbelief from my readers... But I am a worshiper of God...

I guess this brings me to my point. For me worship isn't necessarily about singing or musical instruments, or one hour on Sundays, or even about sermons. I have found that some of the most worshipful moments I have had were the times when I was sitting in silence, or having coffee with friends, or eating dinner with my family. Don't get me wrong I throughly enjoy worship songs and I am not advocating the abolishment of music in worship services. What I am saying is that true worship isn't about the actions of worshipping, but the state of the heart. I recently saw this quote posted by Timothy Keller on Twitter: "Worship is treasuring God." I feel this statement captures just that, the state of the heart. I believe worship should encompass every area of a person's life, not just their voice or ears.

My friend Devan Bumstead said it best this way...

"In short, we believe worship is a communal lifestyle of sacrificial obedience based on a grounded relationship with the triune God. Meet and respond. But perhaps what’s most important about this little definition is just as much what it doesn’t say as what it does. We don’t use titles around here like, “Worship Service,” “Worship Pastor,” or “Worship Songs” because we believe that kind of language limits worship to a particular time, place, person, and activity. Biblical worship is beyond that—it encompasses every area of one’s life, not just the time they offer for an hour a week on Sunday mornings. This is why we’ve chosen to call our gathering time a “Celebration Service” and refer to our time of singing as “praise”, which should be appropriately viewed as a subcategory of worship, not to encompass the whole spectrum..."

To read Devan's whole blog post on worship, check it out here.

C. S. Lewis ‏said, "Praise is the mode of love which always has some element of joy in it." When Jesus told the woman at the well that there was a time when true worshippers will worship the Father in Spirit and truth, I believe he was revealing to her that there was coming a time when it would be a joy to worship God and not a chore (John 4:23).

Does worshipping God bring joy to your heart or is it a chore that needs to get done? Do you treasure God when you worship Him?