That time when no one but a homeless man said hello to me...

Photo Credit: Pixabay I have this set route that I take when I walk to the office in the morning (Occasionally, I add some diversity to my route for zombie apocalypse reasons...).

Sometimes there are people along the way, and sometimes no one is within eyesight This morning the path was especially full—people were everywhere.

As I walked by them, no one said hi in response to my good morning and almost no one made eye contact.

I believe in many ways that I'm an unassuming fellow. So there should have been no sense of them being threatened by me when I said a pleasant, "how do you do."

I even tried the universal how's it going meaning I don't really want to have a lengthy conversation, but want to be polite sort of greeting.


Most of the people I walked by were looking at the cell phones, listening to music, or just completely ignored me—not even a head-nod.

Except for this one guy. He's a homeless guy who I pass by occasionally—sometimes he's not there in his spot... He said hello to me and commented on what a nice morning it was.


The video below has been making it's way around the internet. I know many of you have seen it—I felt it was applicable for the situation I experienced the other day.

Look Up