What's on my mind this morning.

What's on my mind this morning:

- I'm so thankful that I get to be the pastor of Ascent Christian Church - I really love preaching. - And I really love preaching through our current series--I believe it will have a huge impact on our church. - We have some amazing people leading ministries in our church. - I'm very excited about who God has placed at our church and the gifts they have. - I am very excited about this coming year. - And the ministry that will be happening at Ascent!

- The realization that we are all made in the image of God is having an impact on how I view and treat people. - #LoveYourNeighbor - We are all broken people. Just some recognize it. Get healing. and become better for it. - I love the fact our church family is willing to acknowledge our messy spirituality.

- The state of Oregon just passed legislature on Marriage. - It was an emotional moment in Oregon history. - #OregonMarriageEqualityRuling. - I don't agree with everything Rep. Mike McLane said. - But he had some wise words to say to the people of Oregon:

20140519-214147-78107394.jpg - Regardless your view of this legislation, we are all made in the image of God and need Jesus. - Now is the time for the church to live out Jesus commandment to love your neighbor. - Luke 10:25-37 - #LoveYourNeighbor

- Humbled that I get to be a part of the Sisters, OR church plant management team: Mountain Range Christian Church - This makes me look forward to our next partnership church plant in Oregon with the OCEF.

- There are a lot of exciting things happening at Boise Bible College in Boise, ID.

- Jeff Walling is one of the best story tellers I've ever heard.

- You're never to old to get a lecture from your dad... - I did yesterday. Yes I deserved it. And no I'm not ready to talk about it :) - I have the best wife a man could ever hope for. - I don't deserve my kids--they are most amazing people I've ever met! - My kids have made some really cool friends--they are a blessing from The Lord.

- I'm fortunate to have friends like Mike, Tony, and Gavin--I love those guys from Warrenton and Astoria, OR.

- Prineville, OR is a beautiful place.20140519-212815-77295210.jpg - I went to The Kilns coffee house yesterday--it's in Bend, OR. - It has a very cool vibe. - And it houses Kilns College. They have a Master of Arts in Social Justice, which I find a bit intriguing.

- The movie 12 Years A Slave, makes me angry (I watched it last night for the first time). - I prefer Smallville over 24. - I like beards. - And probably will grow mine back in the next couple of weeks.


Why I love the month of May


I want to share a little something with you. This 'something' brought a smile to my face this morning around 6:00a.m...

I love the month of May.

March is my favorite month, well for selfish reasons—my birthday is in March. October and January are also special months to me—my daughters were born in these two months.

Now back to May... The month of May really fills my heart up with love, laughter, and joy. For years, May has been a busy time for me—being a youth pastor for about seventeen years, I was always going to high school graduation ceremonies and parties. I loved going to these things because of all the celebration, laughter, and food.

I even made some fun out of going to these special events by using the same red Solo cup for three years (I had each graduate, whose party I went to, sign it as a memento).

I really enjoyed my time as a youth pastor, and in many ways I miss it. In fact, we still keep in touch with many of the students, and still consider them as our kids (No. I will not pay for your college tuition. I'm still trying to figure out how to pay for my biological kids). 

But there is another reason for why I love the month of May—actually three reasons why...

1. May is my wife's birthday month and I am thankful she was born. She is the most important person to me on earth.

2. May is my wedding anniversary. There is no more important moment in my life than when we committed our lives to each other. (I would say the moment I became a follower of Jesus is the most important event in my life, but still my wife had a hand in that too—she introduced me to Jesus).

3. May is the month my son was born. (May 2014 is a special one for him. He turns eighteen years old and he graduates from high school)

Needless to say, I am usually out of money towards the end of this month, but it's always worth it!