Who Do You Want to Cry at Your Funeral...

2 Coffin-e1342802164862Think about this question: Who do you want to cry at your funeral? I know it is a little morbid to think about, but I was asked this question yesterday. Seriously think about it for a minute, because the people that you would want to cry at your funeral are the people that you in some way shape or form have left a deep impression on their hearts / souls. These are the people that you did life with, the people that you poured into and they did the same to you. You laughed with them, cried with them, and even became angry or frustrated with them at times.

To be frank, I have struggled the last couple of years to open myself up to people in this way. Sure I have my wife and three kids, my two best friends in Oregon, and a couple of coworkers, and maybe a few others, but the reality is I have been hesitant to be vulnerable to people. It’s doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with anybody, but really with myself... Yeah I know I could put the blame on people, like they are shallow, or you just can’t trust anybody these days - the actuality of it is I struggle with being in the moment and enjoying it. When you struggle with being in the moment you can’t focus on building relationships with the people around you.

It took me a little bit to answer the question. I guess I would want my family, my friends, people that I may have had some type of impact on (former students, past and present neighbors, and etc...). Anybody from anywhere needing a meal, I definitely would want food there and food to feed an army. I would want people who need to hear a good story or two and needing a good laugh.

nap and laugh- irish-thumb-500x471-288004When I hear the question, “Who do I want to cry at my funeral?” I don't really want anyone crying, I would rather have them laughing, either at me or with me... That's my goal now - I hope to focus on the moments and work on the relationships around me, and have a good laugh.