Why Do I Have to Serve Communion...

art-communion_handsThis past weekend I found myself standing amongst a group of people who were getting ready to serve communion at one of our worship gatherings. I was asked to help because they thought they needed more help with serving the communion trays and the offering baskets. So like the humble servant that I am, I agreed to help. This is the part where I become very transparent with you... As I was getting the communion trays and walked to my assigned section, I noticed that a few of the people who came to help were heading back to their seats. Apparently they had more than enough people to help with serving communion. A surge of selfishness entered into my heart and I complained to myself as to why I had to serve communion and not join the other "lucky" people who get to head back to their seats. There was a brief moment where I was feeling a little indignant about the situation. Before you get appauled that I would feel this way about serving communion to people at church; trust me I already was appauled at myself... Anyways, as I was getting this ugly feeling inside of me, it hit me that I was about to help out in something ancient and honorable - I was given the opportunity to helped administer a sacred gift that God gave to bless the Church as reminder of who and what Jesus means to us and the world. Those who serve the Lord's Supper are part of a legacy of people who have helped serve the church in this way; beginning with the Apostles, the seven from Acts 6 (we could make a case for this), the early Church Fathers, Christian Martyrs throughout history, the older couple I see at our Saturday night gathering, and ultimately when we serve communion we follow in the footsteps of Jesus who was the first to serve communion and bless His people with the command to participate in communion until he comes again for His people.

I thought to myself, Lord what the heck is wrong with me! How did I get so prideful and selfish that I would have an issue with serving communion... Needless to say I felt like a tool and passed the communion trays with with a better understanding of what I was helping with, and with a thankful and humble heart.

How often do we tend to see the work that we are doing for God as a burden and chore rather than having the privilege of participating in things that are ancient and sacred?