cinco de mayo

Celebrate with someone today...


I never really knew what Cinco de Mayo was growing up (Welcome to my half Mexican and half Irish life). I understood it was a time too eat tons of Mexican food and party—we were celebrating something that really didn't affect us since we are all from California and mericans.

This day has always meant a day of celebration—big or small, we celebrate for he sake of celebrating.

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I want to start a new tradition for Cinco de Mayo this year. I want to pick one random person to celebrate something that is really awesome in their life.

This can be as simple as a high-five, buying them a coffee or lunch, or as big as congratulating them & laughing in celebration with them in public.

Celebrate with someone today.

* Did you know: Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican independence Day? It celebrates the defeat of French troops by highly outnumbered soldiers at La Puebla, Mexico on May 5, 1862.