Take your kids to school...


Here is a quick parenting thought for the day:

When you can, take you kids to school.

Whether it's driving them or walking them--take them to school. You will have some of the best and most in depth conversations you can have with your kids.

I know it's not always possible to take them to school aren't always there.

Shoot! Today was my day off and I wanted to sleep in... Nevertheless, when the opportunity arises to spend time with your kids in the morning--take it!

My kids and I have developed some insider-conversations and lingo that only we find humorous (Everything always goes back to Psych the TV show). We will forever have these memories.

And the list of moment-makers can go on and on...

Parent Thought of the Day: Take your kids to school.

Parenting 101: King of the Jungle Gym

Photo Credit: Pxabay  

I'm so glad we didn't have cell phones when my kids were little. When we went to the park, I played with my kids. Now it seems that when I walk by a park or playground, all I see are kids running around and parents sitting on a park bench with their heads down playing on their cell phones...

Man, I was always "king of the jungle gym" when my kids were little.

Parent thought for the day.