Dad Thought For You: Teaching your daughter the intricacies of the Superman punch.

20140614-160835-58115040.jpg Here is a Dad Thought for you:

Have fun with you kids--be imaginative with them, and show them how to dream.

Your kids need you to dream with them and help them create imaginary kingdoms, worlds, or adventures. They need you to take them on a quest, one where you are their hero or guide, and then let them be the one in charge.

Make the mundane trips to the store, the office, the school, and etc..., into elaborate journeys to unknown lands

They are never too old to do this...

My youngest daughter is sixteen, and she has always imagined herself as my sidekick. She went on adventures with me to the grocery store looking for hidden treasure or fought off hideous giants alongside of me, when rude drivers would cut me off in traffic.

We would also journey to the beauty store to buy makeup in far off oriental markets. All the while, I was teaching her the intricacies of the Superman punch.

Just today we went on an adventure at the thrift store. I had the greatest time with my girls shopping at a thrift store. I think my daughter Elle and I can make any situation fun and interesting--the photo in this blog post, my daughter took of me taking pictures with an old camera we found at a thrift store.

It is your opportunity to teach your kids on how to make moments, moments that will last a lifetime.

Have fun. Get over yourself.

Did I say get over yourself, because I mean it.

We dads sometimes let ourselves get in the way of going on an adventure with our kids.