Spiritual Growth

Overcoming The Slow Death of Negativity

I did it again. Something we all let happen to us. I let negativity rob me of joy. It never fails to amaze me. How I can allow something like the darkness of negativity affect me in such a way, which allows death to enter into my soul. No matter how big or how small the negativity is.

If allowed to overrun us, negativity can kill—albeit slowly.

And I think thats what really happens. When we allow negativity to enter into our hearts, we in fact are allowing death to creep it's way into our hearts and wrap its cold and lifeless fingers around our souls. We inch closer to what God never wanted for us to experience—a life dominated with worry, fear, anxiety, drought, emptiness and without hope.

Death Was Never Intended For Us

Death is something God never intended. God wants us to live an abundant life—one that is full of faith, love, compassion, peace, hope, and rest. One that chooses life instead of death.

When I allow criticism to make me question if I'm good enough or make me feel unliked, or someone else's success determine my value as a person or equating I'm a failure—I am allowing death to steal from me the abundant life that is mine in Jesus.

If you want to overcome the darkness of negativity in your life, then let joy overwhelm it.

Overcoming The Slow Death of Negativity

When we allow joy to infiltrate our hearts, we are choosing to follow the way of Jesus. One that builds up instead of tearing down. We are choosing compassion over indifference, healing instead of wounding, love over animosity, and sacrifice over survival.

Everyday we are confronted with the choice of practicing an abundant life or practicing one that is gripped by scarcity and death. It's not a matter of positive thinking as if you can think good thoughts and it will go away. This is shallow, and unrealistic mumbo jumbo—meaningless. It lends no dignity to the human experience.

No. To live and practice an abundant life requires action and faith. Action that puts hands to work and feet to the pavement—it requires you to truly forgive, handout mercy, and love unconditionally. It's a trust that believes no matter what happens and not matter how much it hurts, you will make it through—you can and will overcome the slow death of negativity. There is always hope.

I know what will happen once I publish this blog post. Negativity's darkness will creep its way into my heart and try to steal from me the life God wants me to experience and manifest—an abundant life full of love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

And so it is. Who will I allow to reign in my heart? Who will dictate the outcome of my day?