Moving Update: Another step closer to being in Oregon... A Toyota Previa story.


Packing day...

Well today the POD was picked up from our house. It just means we are another step closer to being in Oregon...

And yesterday we had several friends come over and help us load the POD. Even with all the hanging out, talking, drinking coffee, and eating doughnuts we still managed to load the POD in about an hour (If you know my wife, then you know we don't really have a whole lot of stuff). A BIG thanks to all of you who came to help us!


Stuff I'll miss... No really there is something I'll miss.

I actually won't miss too much of the stuff that is in the POD headed to Oregon. Sure there are my books, commentaries, my bike, my Weber Charcoal Grill, and my Apple Wireless Keyboard that I accidentally packed in one of the boxes...

I can't speak for my wife and kids, but I know I won't miss too much of that stuff since we will be reunited with it in a few short weeks. What I will miss is our 1994 Toyota Previa van we donated to a friend. Hopefully he will get it working and it will become a blessing to a single mom.

We, the Previa and our family, have been through a lot over the years! It was the second vehicle I ever bought outright with cash. My oldest daughter had a seizure in it, when she was a very young child as we were getting ready to move from California to Missouri.

ImageIt made the trek—from California to Missouri, towing a small U-Haul trailer with all of our belongings in it. The Previa received heavy tornado damage from the May 2003 Carl Junction tornado (She recovered and was restored to full operation). It was in mid-June 2008 when the Previa turned 200,000 miles as she crossed the Kansas/Colorado border, when yet again she moved my family to another state and a new adventure.

About two week into us moving to Colorado, the Previa couldn't go anymore. She gave us her best. She gave us her all. And today she is moving on to her own journey and her own adventure. I will always be grateful for how the Previa got us from place to place. And how she kept us warm and safe, and how she experienced new journeys and new adventures with us.

Many of you probably won't understand, but some of you know that when I say it was a good thing I wasn't here when Rich took her away—I mean it was a very good thing.

Travel News...

Our goal now is to leave Colorado this Sunday, early morning (Before all the LifeBridge traffic clogs up Hwy 66—Boulder County really needs to put a traffic light there...). We will travel to Salt Lake City where we will stay the night with our friend's parents. I'll let you know what course we will take from there as we cross that bridge :)

PLEASE pray for us and our travels. It seems a storm is passing through that area and might still be when we travel to that part of the country.

Ways to Partner With Us...

We'd love it if you partnered with us prayerfully and financially. If you want to know more about our new adventure—please read the full story here: We are moving to Oregon

We always need and appreciate your prayers! But we also have financial needs. Fina and I will have to raise a portion of our salary. Our commitment to the church is to raise support for two years (That’s $1800 a month for two years—a total of $43,200).

You can help by:

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