James Bond

Monday Mashup

black mondaymashupimagesI want to start something new on my blog. I try to post three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) and I try to publish blog posts about ministry, family, and theology throughout the week. With this in mind, I want to start doing a weekly post where I pick different ideas and thoughts and post these writings on Mondays. These thoughts and ideas that I will write about can be funny, nonsensical, political, theological, life-issues, and etc... I will try to publish this blog post first thing on Mondays; however sometimes it could come later in the day. Either way be on the lookout for what I'm calling my "Monday Mashup." For my first "Monday Mashup" I want to talk about something that my family has enjoyed this past four day weekend - James Bond Filmfest. I am a huge James bond enthusiast, I always have been. When I was a kid I wanted to be either James bond or Thomas Magnum from Magnum PI.

To get the mood started watch this clip...


I grew up with Roger Moore as 007, but was partial to Sean Connery as 007. I was not a Timothy Dalton fan and feel he is the worst 007, although my friend Jeff Randleman pointed out that Dalton is considered the most authentic 007 in accord with the James Bond books by Ian fleming. One-time 007 actor, George Lazenby potrayed 007 in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" which is considered one of the best Bond movies ever made, it was not because of George Lazenby. Most Bond experts (Which I am not one of them) credit the greatness of the film to the director, Peter Hunt. I personally don't rank George Lazenby high on my list because of the way he left the James Bond films - he threw a fit like a little girl and picked up his football and went home. (OHMSS is in my top 5 Bond films - the mountain ski scene is one of the best and any movie that has Telly Savalas as the villain is a great film... Plus, 007 gets married in this movie).

Pierce Brosnan was a classy 007, but in his four Bonds films, he didn't make me believe he was James Bond. Hands down Daniel Craig is the best ever 007. While Daniel Craig was a controverseial pick for 007, because of his blond hair and and lack of height, Craig is 5'10". They felt he didn't fit the typical tall, dark and handsome in the typical tradition of 007. There was even an internet campaign (danielcraigisnotbond.com) to remove him as the sixth actor to portray Bond. I like Daniel Craig as 007. He has the edginess and prototype Bond form from Fleming's books that Timothy Dalton had, but yet provides all the qualities that Sean Connery molded into the character as the first James Bond actor. Steven Spielberg is even rumored to have called Daniel Craig "the perfect 21st-century Bond."

Here is my Top 3 lists for 007 actors and movies...

My Top 3 Bond Actors: 1. Daniel Craig 2. Sean Connery 3. Roger Moore

My Top 3 James Bond movies: 1. From Russia w/ Love (Sean Connery) 2. Skyfall (Daniel Craig) 3. Casino Royale (Daniel Craig

If you are new to the James Bond films series (I don't pretend to think everyone is familiar with them) or just a novice - the best way I feel to get started is to watch the first Bond movie made, which is Dr. No (Sean Connery). I would then watch On Her Majesty's Secret Service (George Lazenby). Next I would watch From Russia With Love (Sean Connery). I would also recomend Moonraker (Roger Moore), and finally I'd watch Skyfall (Daniel Craig). For a bonus, I would see Casino Royale (2006) and Quatum of Solace (2008), since they were both filmed in the last seven years and are in a way paired with each other. Plus both films star Daniel Craig as James Bond.

This should get you off to a good start... Interestingly to note! Casino Royale is the first James Bond book that Ian Fleming wrote, and should have been the first movie made (It was the first film made, but for TV back in the 50's I believe, but not a Hollywood-style production). I like the fact that the 2006 film lends itself to this fact if you pay attention to it.

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