Just let it soak in...

This week I am at a Pastors/Ministry Spring Conference at a small Bible College in Boise, ID.

Aside from missing my family and Central Oregon, I am having a great time hanging out with a couple of my best friends, gathering some fresh and important insight for ministry.

I've also learned how to play Disc golf—I have no idea why I didn't play this before...


Yesterday I sat through a workshop taught by one of my former coworkers during our days at an amazing church in Longmont, CO.

I heard this quote at the workshop that I want to share with you:


"We will not be effective in influencing our culture, if we are focused on ourselves." - Derek Voorhees


Now I understand most of you will want to look more deeply into the "influencing culture" and dissect it, but my contention is not so much the influencing culture part of the quote, but our focus should be on "focused on ourselves."

Many of you won't disagree with me saying the biggest hinderance to the gospel is selfishness.

But maybe you won't like this—many of us design, craft, and operate our churches to cater to selfishness. Not just for the people who attend our churches, but probably mostly for our own selfish desires.

Don't react.

Just let my statement soak in and think about it...

Then repent.

I did.



*If your interested in learning about flattening the church and moving the church toward the art of neighboring, I suggest you take a look at LifeBridge Christian Church in Longmont, CO.