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You Need A Coffee Break: An Amazing Song Written by 96 year-old!


A Letter From Fred - "Oh Sweet Lorraine" An Amazing Song Written by 96 year-old!

In light of Sunday night's MTV VMAs and in stark contrast to everything audiences witnessed Sunday night... "Oh Sweet Lorraine" is a song worth hearing.

Fred Stobaugh, a 96-year-old man from East Peoria, Ill., entered a song-writing contest held by the town's Green Shoe Studio earlier this summer. He entered a love story in the form of a simple song, a tribute to his recently deceased wife, Lorraine, with whom he'd spent 75 years...

You can read the full story here from NBC News... I would also like to add that this was possible because of Green Shoe Studio.

Enjoy the story and the song. And it's okay to shed a tear...

*Thanks to my friend Andy Rodriguez whose tweet I saw with the video link the other night.