What's on my mind this morning.

What's on my mind this morning:

- I'm so thankful that I get to be the pastor of Ascent Christian Church - I really love preaching. - And I really love preaching through our current series--I believe it will have a huge impact on our church. - We have some amazing people leading ministries in our church. - I'm very excited about who God has placed at our church and the gifts they have. - I am very excited about this coming year. - And the ministry that will be happening at Ascent!

- The realization that we are all made in the image of God is having an impact on how I view and treat people. - #LoveYourNeighbor - We are all broken people. Just some recognize it. Get healing. and become better for it. - I love the fact our church family is willing to acknowledge our messy spirituality.

- The state of Oregon just passed legislature on Marriage. - It was an emotional moment in Oregon history. - #OregonMarriageEqualityRuling. - I don't agree with everything Rep. Mike McLane said. - But he had some wise words to say to the people of Oregon:

20140519-214147-78107394.jpg - Regardless your view of this legislation, we are all made in the image of God and need Jesus. - Now is the time for the church to live out Jesus commandment to love your neighbor. - Luke 10:25-37 - #LoveYourNeighbor

- Humbled that I get to be a part of the Sisters, OR church plant management team: Mountain Range Christian Church - This makes me look forward to our next partnership church plant in Oregon with the OCEF.

- There are a lot of exciting things happening at Boise Bible College in Boise, ID.

- Jeff Walling is one of the best story tellers I've ever heard.

- You're never to old to get a lecture from your dad... - I did yesterday. Yes I deserved it. And no I'm not ready to talk about it :) - I have the best wife a man could ever hope for. - I don't deserve my kids--they are most amazing people I've ever met! - My kids have made some really cool friends--they are a blessing from The Lord.

- I'm fortunate to have friends like Mike, Tony, and Gavin--I love those guys from Warrenton and Astoria, OR.

- Prineville, OR is a beautiful place.20140519-212815-77295210.jpg - I went to The Kilns coffee house yesterday--it's in Bend, OR. - It has a very cool vibe. - And it houses Kilns College. They have a Master of Arts in Social Justice, which I find a bit intriguing.

- The movie 12 Years A Slave, makes me angry (I watched it last night for the first time). - I prefer Smallville over 24. - I like beards. - And probably will grow mine back in the next couple of weeks.


Jesus' Last Hours

Photo Credit: Pixabay A few years ago a friend of mine, who was inspired by the TV show 24, mapped out a timeline of Jesus' last hours before his death. I thought I'd share it with you... Thanks Brian Mavis for sharing this!

JESUS’ LAST HOURS Thursday 11:00 PM Jesus Prays in Gethsemane

Friday 12:30 AM Jesus is Betrayed Judas and Arrested 1:00 AM Jesus is Interrogated by Annas 1:00 AM Peter Denies Knowing Jesus 1:30 AM Peter Denies Knowing Jesus a Second Time 2:00 AM Jesus is Tried by Caiaphas. He is Mocked, Hit & Spat on.

4:00 AM Peter Denies Jesus for the Third Time 4:00 AM Jesus is Imprisoned 5:00 AM The Sanhedrin Sentence Jesus to Die 5:30 AM Jesus is Taken to Pilate 6:00 AM Judas Hangs Himself 6:00 AM Pilate Hears the Case Against Jesus 6:30 AM Jesus is Taken to Herod to Be Tried 7:00 AM Pilate Resumes Jesus’ Trial 7:30 AM Jesus Is Beaten and Given a Crown of Thorns 8:00 AM Jesus is Sentenced to Die and Beaten 8:30 AM Jesus Carries Cross 9:00 AM Jesus is Crucified 9:00 AM Jesus Ask God to Forgive Us 9:30 AM The Soldiers Cast Lots for Jesus' Clothing 10:00 AM Jesus is Insulted and Mocked 10:30 AM Jesus Tells One of The Crucified Criminals That He Will Be in Paradise with Jesus. 11:30 AM Jesus Speaks to Mary and John

Noon Darkness Covers the Land 1:00 PM Jesus Cries Out to the Father, Asking Why He Has Been Forsaken. 2:30 PM Jesus Says He Is Thirsty 2:50 PM Jesus Says “It is Finished” 2:55 PM Jesus Prays "Father, into your hands I commit my spirit."

3:00 PM Jesus Dies 3:00 PM An Earthquake Occurs 3:00 PM The Huge Temple Curtain Tears in Half Opening The Holy of Holies 3:10 PM The Roman Centurion Exclaims “Surely he was the Son of God!" 3:15 PM The Soldiers Break the Thieves' Legs 3:20 PM The Soldier Pierces Jesus’ Side 4:00 PM Jesus is Laid in the Tomb