Why Being a Quitter Isn't Always Such a Bad Thing...


I remember when I was learning how to ride a bike and doing face-plants multiple times. I remember telling my dad I wanted to quit—saying there was nothing wrong with using my own two legs for transportation. I remember my dad telling me to not be a quitter and I'd learn how to ride the bike if I kept trying. I remember thinking he was lying and that riding a bike was an impossible task to achieve.

I remember being ten years old at football tryouts and getting my two front teeth almost knockout and blood being everywhere. And I remember going up to the coach and my dad telling them I wanted to quit. I remember my dad taking me aside and telling me not to be a quitter. I remember that making feel like crap.

I remember asking out a girl for the first time and her telling me no, laughing with her friends as they walked away. And I remember telling myself I'd never ask a girl out again... I remember my sister telling me to not give up on asking girls out.

I remember wanting to quit school because it was hard and I hated math, and my high school guidance counselor telling me to just get my GED and join the military because I wasn't college material. I remember my mom telling me not to quit but stick with it.

I remember not getting hired for my first real grown up job that I applied for. I remember my wife telling me not to give up.

I remember there was a time when I felt alone and my life was coming apart—and feeling like there was no hope, but just darkness. And I remember wanting to give up on life. I remember reading in the Bible about God's love for me is never ceasing, He gives new mercies every morning, and He will never leave me or forsake me—God is always faithful to me even when I am faithless.

I eventually did learn how to ride a bike. I made the football team and liked it—including the blood and missing teeth—I liked that most of all. I did graduate high school and went on to get my undergraduate and graduate degrees. I did finally get a girl to say yes to going on a date with me and I did get a girl to marry me. I did finally get my first real grown up job. And I have had many amazing grown up jobs since then. I did get through all the darkness. Everyday I wake up knowing that no matter what is thrown at me, Jesus is there faithfully guiding me, comforting me, and never abandoning me—no matter how dark things might seem. He shows me that there is always hope.

Somethings you never want to quit on... But somethings you do.

I want to quit putting labels on people. I want to quit having other peoples labels on me determine how I feel about myself. I want to quit being a negative person. I want to quit being an angry person. I want to quit loving conditionally. I want to quit having my self righteousness get in the way of people knowing that God loves them. I want to quit doing things that get in the way of me experiencing the fullness of God's love for me.

Mostly what I want to quit doing is holding on to my strengths and weaknesses, my wholeness and brokenness. I want to give all these things over to Jesus, and learn every day what it means to love Jesus and love like him.