Two things two eggs taught me.

Two eggs. I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but two eggs inadvertently revealed something about my heart that I suspected for sometime—I am extremely selfish (insert sarcastic laugh here). Here's the story...

I woke up and went for my morning prayer walk. As I was finishing my walk, which is about two miles long, I became intensely hungry—all I could think of was eggs and corn tortillas.

When I went to the refrigerator all I saw were two eggs and no corn tortillas. I was a little perturbed because I wasn't getting what I wanted to eat. That's when it hit me, there wasn't enough eggs to feed everyone.

So I did what comes natural to me, I started preparations to make the two eggs for myself. No one was awake yet—I could make the two eggs and eat them before anyone else woke up or would know what devious actions took place on our kitchen.

Box of waffle mix...

As I reached into the wrong cupboard, my hand wrapped itself around a box of waffle mix.

Now of course I love waffles, especially with berries and honey... I digress...

Two eggs are exactly what you need to make waffles to feed a family of five and more. I stood there for several minutes, yes several minutes, trying to talk myself out of sacrificing my two eggs to the waffle mix.

It was a me against them conversation.

In the end, food for the community won out and I enjoyed making waffles for everyone instead of eating two eggs by myself.

Two things two eggs taught me.

Never eat alone. It's always better to eat with people, especially with people you love. I always thought I preferred eating by myself, but talking to yourself while you chopping on a T-bone steak lacks flavor and is sad.

Sometimes eating alone is the only option, but when given the opportunity to eat with people always choose to never eat alone.

Meals are always better over conversation and with company.

People influence people. I've had many people speak into my life and mold my heart to be more like Jesus'. And I am thankful for everyone of you who've taken the time too be me out of my selfishness.

Recently, I've become friends with a family who personify selflessness and servant leadership. All of them have had a tremendous influence on me and grateful for them.

People matter and when you put others first, you get more fulfillment than if you just thought of yourself.

Instead of sending people away to go fend for themselves, Jesus took five loaves of bread and two fish, and feed thousands of people. If you look at the gospels closely, you find Jesus preferred to never eat alone, and through this fact Jesus influenced a multitude.