What's on my mind.

Can I tell you what I am really excited about? I am really excited about our church! My family and I have only been here for about 5 months, and sometimes it's been a mini-roller coaster ride—nothing major or anything to complain about—no one would listen if I complained anyways. We are experiencing what you'd expect when a family goes through major transition.

I'm just excited about Ascent Church! We are not a big church, and we aren't doing anything ground breaking or earth-shattering. You probably won't write a book about how we do things—we don's always do things the way experts say you should.

We are just doing everything we can with what we have to love God and love people.

In these past five months, we've been able to partner with some other local churches in loving our schools, teachers, students, and families. We've helped with a community-wide sunrise service. We've had people within our church family help their neighbors in both big and small ways—we are doing what we can to love people to Jesus.


Internally, the people of Ascent Church have discovered we can love each other well, and everyone genuinely cares for one another. We've had our first All-church meeting, and talked about what the future holds for our church. We've had a few baptisms, and it looks like we will be having another one soon.

We have amazing ministry leaders! All of them are volunteers, who sacrifice so much to enable people to worship the exalted Jesus and proclaim the good news. Our worship team is comprised of many different ages—retired, middle-aged, high schoolers, just graduated, and young adults. And our children's ministry is awesome! Our leaders in that ministry illuminate Jesus for our kids and our church.

We are discovering our need to be a praying church—we had a month of prayer back in April. And we are trying to incorporate more prayer into our Sunday morning gathering.

We know how to party and have great potlucks! Oh. And we can help people move with the best of them.

Above all, the people of Ascent Church are okay with the fact that we all have a messy faith—there are no perfect people at our church. We are all on a journey, discovering what it means to be like Jesus. Shoot—they asked me, the least deserving of all sheep, to be the lead sheep-herder of all things Ascent!

Sure we get anxious and worry about stuff. And sometimes things dont always work out the way we had hoped. We don't always have it right, but we seek to become more like Jesus... Together.

We have no bandwidth for trying to be in competition with other churches and other Christians—seriously there is no room for that at our church.

Ascent Church doesn't pretend to be something we are not. What you see is what you get. That doesnt mean we don't want to get better—we do! We don't have a lot of programs or resources, but we hope to be able to meet the needs of our church, city, and neighborhoods fully one day.

There is more I can say, but I think you get the idea of what Ascent is like, and why I am excited to be a part of what's happening here.