How an introvert can be a leader and pastor...

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I really love people.

I do.

It's just I'd rather be alone. Not always, but some of the time, not even most of the time—just some.

I know. Some people will wonder, and I have been asked, "How can I be a pastor and an introvert."

I've asked myself this question. Ministry is about people. It's relational and intimate. It requires me to be around people and to invest in them one on one and communally.

Some people think the best lead pastors are extroverted and too the extreme degree.

I don't know. Maybe, but maybe not. I think it takes a plurality of leaders and personality types to lead and shepherd the church.


I think many of us are realizing the formula we think it takes to lead a healthy church, notice I didn't say successful church, is not necessarily the best for what God has designed for His church.

This blog post isn't about what personality type makes a better lead pastor or even about the best formula—it's really about how me, being an introvert and pastor, can be the leader and pastor God has called me to be.

For me, I need some alone time and I need some people time.

I need people time so I can be filled with love and encouragement. This comes with being around people. And I also need to be the one who does the filling as well.

I also need quiet and alone time.

It is very beneficial for me to have moments where I can decompress and meditate on the conversations and interactions I've had with people.

For me to be a whole person, I need both spaces and environments. It's not an either/or, it's a both/and. If you were to ask me which I prefer, I'd tell you it depends on the day and circumstance. Although I do prefer more alone time than I do people time.


The thing is I need both. And I desire both.

And this realization is freeing. It has allowed me to be who I am as a leader and pastor—when this happens it creates a healthy environment for the church I lead and pastor.

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