Who would turndown a doughnut?

Photo Credit: Mupfel80 via Pixabay


So. A couple of weeks ago, I started thinking about how I should disrupt my daily routine and intentionally take some time to love someone I am not relationally connected to or could benefit from in any selfish way.

My mind has been going full-speed thinking about what it means to truly follow the words of Jesus and love my neighbors. How can I have open eyes to the people around me?

I have been praying a lot about this:


If we want to share what Jesus has done in our lives with our neighbors, we need to be willing to intentionally disrupt our daily routine.


So I did it.

I was walking by a homeless man and I sensed God tell me to go to 7-eleven, and by him a cup of coffee and a doughnut.

I was hesitant because I had only a few dollars on me and that was all the money I had available to me. Or I should say the only cash that Fina was allowing me to carry around with me :)

The cash was suppose to be for my cup of coffee. What would I look like if arrived to a coffee meeting and couldn't afford a cup of coffee?

Well, I got over my selfishness and bought a coffee and doughnut for the homeless guy.

I thought fore-sure this dude was going to be overwhelmed with jubilation, because I was about to make his day...

Photo Credit: Hans via Pixabay

Guess what happened. The homeless guy refused my generosity, because it was not good enough for him. The man told me he didn't like 7-eleven doughnuts and coffee. Ultimately, cash is what he wanted—he told me so.

Afterwards, we carried on a conversation for a bit, then I went to my coffee meeting.

Here are a few things I learned from this:

- Not everything works out the way we think it should. Even when prompted by God to take action. - Rejection is hard. No matter who it comes from. - I learned that I can disrupt my daily routine. It's not that difficult.

- The homeless dude is the one who said hi to me when no one else did (See my blog post about this: That time when no one but a homeless man said hello to me…)

- Everyone has standards. - It's better to give and be rejected, than to do nothing. - 7-eleven coffee and doughnuts aren't really that good. Sorry 7-eleven.