Introvert living in an extrovert world...

About two years ago I discovered something about myself that I should've known all along because I demonstrated these strong tendencies as a kid—I'm an introvert at the very core of who I am, although I do have some extrovert tendencies. To be frank (No. I'm not trying to give myself a new persona), I don't really like to admit this about myself. In what I do—I'm a pastor, it is assumed that I am an extrovert and it is assumed the best people for what I do are extroverts.

Which both of these assumptions—I am finding are not true.

For most of my life I was coerced or lead to believe that I was an extrovert or that being an extrovert was necessary for me to be a leader and to achieve some level of success. This caused me to suppress my introvertness and tricked me to lose my identity of who I really am as a person—especially a healthy me.

My guess is that many of you find or have found yourselves in this situation.

Over the next two weeks I will dedicate a blog post to this topic and to my journey of discovering the freedom to be who I am.

But for now, I encourage you to read a blog post by Justin Lathrop: "I'm An Introvert and A Pastor—Help!

I think there are a lot of misconceptions about introverts in ministry. I don’t think it’s impossible to be an introvert and also a really good pastor. In fact, I believe we need introverts. Not only are they good thinkers, but they are really good connectors too. While extroverts can seem to be the most exciting person at a party, sometimes introverts have an ability to connect with a person one-on-one that an extrovert lacks. - Justin Lathrop ("I'm An Introvert and A Pastor—!")