One sentence. One question.

Photo Credit: Pixabay  

"Sentences change lives." - Unknown

I have no idea where I've heard this quote from, but I think in many ways it is simple, yet very profound.

It is simple. Every day, we use sentences to communicate to one another to perform simple task, such as telling someone to turn off a light or to pass the Queso Cotija.

Yet in the same way it's profound. We use sentences to tell someone we love them or we hate them—both expressions either bring life or death.

Sentences change lives—from one extreme to the other.


With this in mind, I want to ask you question, but for clarity's sake I want to paint a picture around the sentence...

With no human critique or judgement to restrain you. And no fears of being socially outcast from your tribe to prevent you from being completely open and honest.

Here is the question:

If you could ask God a question and you knew He would answer—what would you ask?

Seriously. With nothing hindering you from being completely honest and transparent. Whether you believe in God or not: What would you ask?