Only Human

Hands shaping clay_019_z

I've been dealing with my humanity lately. No, I didn't just discover that I'm human, on the contrary, I've been feeling the sting of some of the decisions and actions that I have made. As I have been praying through some of these mishaps, I've come to see that many times I have been playing god of my own little universe. While I think I am making the right decisions and doing good things, I have come to realize that I've made decisions or the good work that I am doing to be what's most important. I'm shaping my work and not letting God shape my work or shape me through the work. I thought I was doing the good work of God, but in reality I was eliciting God in a form of worship, or "bringing in God" as a way to accomplish something or as a way to defend the decisions I have made.

In a sense, worship became as Eugene Peterson states, "The worship was undertaken so that the work would prosper..." Or I might add so that the godly decisions I made would be blessed by God. What I've come to realize is that work and worship are intertwined and intermingled - they are not reversed. "What we're after is a seamless world of work and worship, worship and work. Only God is sovereign. Our work is a derivative from God the worker (Eugene Peterson, Leap Over a Wall)." The same would said of making decisions.

cracked jar-of-clayThe main reason for this blog post is that through prayer I've come realize even more than before that God reigns and the most important worship, work, and decisions I should undertake is to submit my humanity to His sovereign rule (Psalm 93, The Message). Prayer makes us human. Prayer reveals to us our inadequacies and our dependence on God. When we pray it reveals to us our humanity and our dependence on the one who was both divine and human, Jesus the God-man. Many times people ask me how to pray. Since I'm a "professional religious person" they think I must know how to pray correctly... The fact of the matter is that it doesn't take a professional to pray for someone or to teach people how to pray - all it takes is a human being.