Now this might news to some of the readers of this blog, but I recently resigned my position as Lead Youth Pastor at LifeBridge Christian Church. Fortunately I am not leaving the church. I am transitioning out of the student ministry and into a new role at LifeBridge. Our church is moving towards a neighborhood emphasis and I will be one of the Neighborhood Pastors. I started this transition back in January, which will come to complete closure in mid-May. We have hired a new Lead Youth Pastor and I will assist in his transition as much as need be... I will write more about this transition later and about our journey of being a Neighborhood Pastor and our church's emphasis in the neighborhoods of Longmont as we go... Below is the resignation letter we sent to the staff, parents, and students. I did not add the portion that contained the bio of our new Lead Youth Pastor... Please pray for me, my family, our students, their families, Luke Pinder and his family (New Youth Pastor), our youth staff, and our church during this transition...

A note from Joe Puentes, Director of Student Ministries:

Over the past nineteen years, I have been blessed to serve and lead students in helping them discover grace, grow in grace, and live gracefully. These past five years, I have had the privilege of leading the student ministry at LifeBridge, which have been some of the most exciting and fruitful years of ministry for my family and me. We have been blessed with rich relationships with both students and their families. Without hesitation, I can say these have been some of the best ministry years I have experienced.

A little while ago, I went to Rick telling him that I felt God was stirring in my heart a passion to be more involved in the neighborhood focus of our church, and that I was feeling a sense that it might be time for me to move out of student ministry and begin a new ministry journey, exploring other ways to serve in God’s kingdom. After sharing our thoughts and concerns about me moving out of the student ministry, Rick asked me to pray about the opportunity of becoming a Neighborhood Pastor. After praying for a period of time and having conversations with my wife, I have decided to resign my position as youth pastor and accept the neighborhood pastor position.  I’m able to do this in part because I have a peace that our students and the ministry will be cared for and led well by the other associate student pastors and our volunteer youth coaches.  This is one of the best student ministry teams I have had the good pleasure of serving alongside.

I want to thank the leaders of LifeBridge, our students, and their families for allowing me to serve and lead them these past five years. I have been tremendously blessed by all our past and present students. We can trust that our students will continue to discover grace, grow in grace, and live gracefully during this transition (I currently have two of my own kids in the high school ministry). We can also be sure that the leaders of LifeBridge have done everything humanly possible through the guidance of the Holy Spirit to find my replacement to lead our students. I am excited about the future of the student ministry being led by our next youth pastor. Once again, thank you for the honor and privilege of being a part of your family’s journey of growing in your relationship with Jesus.

Grace & Peace,


A note from Kevin King, Administrator:

We are thankful for Joe’s leadership provided to the Student Ministry here at LifeBridge over the last five years.  He has built a solid team of staff and coaches that will help carry us forward to the next phase of Student Ministry and will provide our new director a great foundation on which to continue building.  Please be praying for Joe and his family as he transitions from Students to Neighborhoods.