I recently read a blog post by Kurt Johnston and Josh Griffin where they shared their values for their entire student ministry. This had me thinking about our own student ministry key values at LifeBridge. These four key values are woven throughout our ministry in every aspect – large group gatherings (we call VERB), discipleship groups (which we call FORM Groups & CORE Classes), service/mission (PUSH Projects), events, trips, and one-on-one interaction with students. Here they are listed below - I thought I would share them with you…

Safety: We must take every step necessary to make sure our students and volunteers are safe, because safety is key to having a healthy & vibrant ministry.

Care: We must show value to our volunteers, by encouraging and equipping them, so that they can be empowered to help our students on their spiritual journey.

Growth: We must provide a scope and sequence of biblical teaching for our students that is transferable, real, relevant, and gives our families a common ground and common language.

Fun: We must give our students every reason to celebrate and invite them to catch a glimpse of what heaven will look like through the eyes of making church fun. It is important for our students to walk into any environment that we have and feel the burdens of this world be lifted off their shoulders and replaced with the good things that Jesus has for them.

It is important for our volunteers, students, and families know why we exist, but what is more – know how we plan to make ministry tangible for them to experience for themselves and how they can actively engage others into the story of God.