Pasta, Friends, & the kingdom of God


Do you know what this plate of pasta shows to me? This plate of pasta shows me just how big the kingdom of God really is! I'm serious. This plate of pasta was made and provided by my new friends the Micah and Justine. I met Micah and Justine yesterday at around 9:00 at night, when I drove into Joplin, MO and pulled into their driveway to stay the night at their house. In fact, I am living at their house for the next four days while myself and s small team from LifeBridge work with a church in their efforts to love their neighbors who have been affected by the F5 tornado that devastated this city.

Justine, the wife, is about 7 months pregnant and has a cute little one already, running around laughing at everything and everyone. She made the plate of pasta, along with amazing salad and some of the best brownies I've had!

What does all this have to do with the kingdom of God? Well, I have been humbled to see what impact the love of Christ and His kingdom has on people. When people open their homes to strangers, make them meals, and serve them as if they are family or more, the kingdom of God has been demonstrated and realized!

Pasta, friends, and the kingdom of God...