Love Your Neighbors

[youtube=] Back in March, we took over 35 high school students to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and worked with an urban missional community called The Refuge OKC. This trip was not only life-wrecking and life-transforming for our high school students, but it also had the same impact on me and my family as well. This video captures the essence of what The Refuge OKC is all about (I got this video from Tim Ulrich, one of the leaders of The Refuge OKC)...

As a church, LifeBridge (and other churches, individuals, and Christian organizations), has been wrestling with the whole concept of what it means to love your neighbor. Rick Rusaw and Brian Mavis have been instrumental in our church in causing us as a church staff and a as church to think about what it means to be the best neighbor our neighbors have ever had or to love our neighbors not because we want them to be a Christian, but because we are Christians... We are praying for God to show us how to love our neighbors - unprogrammed style...This video sure sketches out what many are thinking, now we just need to color it in!

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