Update: High School Ministry PUSH Trip OKC and the Refuge

Community and Refuge (OKC)... Day 1: Today was a great and challenging first day serving with the community of believers called the Refuge! Tim, one of the leaders of the Refuge, challenged our high school students big ways to think about living in neighborhoods with missional intentions.

Crazy to think that the building the community of believers live in was a crackhouse and a prostitute brothel... God sure has done some amazing things in this neighborhood!

The talk and prayers of the day are how does Jesus become great and we become less (John 3:30).

Please pray for the Father to work on our students hearts for the hurting and hopeless, and that they can see others the way God sees them. Pray that we can continue this conversation back at home and that we can figure how we carry this over to our own neighborhoods and love our neighbors.

This is an update of our high school ministry mission trip to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma... My thoughts about this trip and experiences, and information about the Refuge will be fleshed out in a blogs series on students loving their neighbors when we get back to Colorado.