Burden? Love God and Love Your Neighbor

Why are families so busy these days? Why is it that we, the church, feel the need to create more programming, more events, and more business for our families? Do we think we can compete with world for the thing that is most precious to our families, and that being their time? The world is ready and already has invested everything it has to keep our people occupied and distracted. The world does things very well and with excellence, and they can because they take a “sky’s the limit” approach, and the world wants nothing more than to distract God’s people from loving Him and their neighbors.

Does this mean that the world is better than the Church? No way! It means that the world knows the stakes are high and they are willing to do whatever it takes, in order to keep people away from what matters most! And that is to seek God and love Him with all our heart, with all our soul, with our entire mind, and with all our strength AND to love our neighbor as yourself!

What should we, the Church do about this?

In response to the question asked, I would like to use the word burden to describe the busyness that we strap to the backs of the people that we minister too. In a sense, a lot of our programs do become burdens to our people, because many times we make them feel guilty for choosing other functions over ours or they themselves feel guilty for not doing enough for God (there are many other reasons as well). Through all the busyness, people have a hard time of seeing a clear picture of the character of God and experiencing the glory of who He is and what he means to them! Can we bask in His glory, when we are busy doing the things God has not asked us to do? Additionally, we take them out of their neighborhoods and distract them with the burden of going to our events and programming…

I must state here, that I am not against programming, because programming helps us meet the felt needs of people (See Acts chapter 6). What I am saying, is that our programming needs to be more than just purposeful, it needs to be focused and strategic. It must free God’s people to be in their neighborhoods to connect and minister the gospel to those that lived around them. Can the Church stop trying to be a buffet restaurant and distract God’s people from getting a clear picture of who he is and His glory. We must free God's people and give them the ability to love their neighbors who live around them!

What are we doing in our churches to take the burdens of the backs of God’s people, so they can bask in the Glory of God? I’m trying to figure this out, my church is trying to figure this out, and others are as well…