Newton did know some things...

This past Friday, I finally made it to Boulder and purchased the Newton running shoes that I won at an auction/Fundraiser for the Silvercreek High School Track & Field Team. Newton’s are expensive ($175), but I got a very good deal through the auction. Yesterday was my first run with my new scoots and it was a success if increased timing and distance mean anything.

My mile went from a 9.3 avg. to a respectable (for me at least) 8.6 avg. I finished a 5k in 26.4 minutes (I average between 15 to 20 miles a week). While this time is not earth shattering for many, it is a very welcomed increase to what I have been doing. Now to be honest I don’t know if all this sweetness is due to the shoes, but nonetheless the run felt great, and I felt lighter and faster.

Some things I noticed:

  • My back and hip didn’t hurt (My back doesn’t always hurt after a good run, but sometimes it does. My left hip can get sore from time to time, but after this run it didn’t).
  • By the nature of how my feet would strike the pavement (Midfoot/Forefoot), my running posture felt natural and comfortable. I almost felt like I was running more upright with a slight lean forward, and not hunched.
  • My knees didn’t hurt. Enough said…
  • My gait felt smooth, natural, and efficient.

I'm sure that I will get a better feel for the running shoes the more I run in them, but for now this seems to be a good start.

What Newton Running Shoes Did I Get:

- Men's Stability Performance Trainer / Motus=Motion

- Size 9

- W/ No custom orthotics

Happy Running...