Keeping A Holy Lent...

I had a very interesting conversation yesterday with a group of pastors at lunch. The conversation centered on whether following the Christian Calendar is beneficial or not, and particularly Lent.

I must put a disclaimer here before I go on… This blog post is not intended to argue for or against the adherence or lack of adherence of following and observing a Christian Calendar, in particular Lent. Also, the Christian movement (The Restoration Movement: Independent Christian Church /Churches of Christ Instrumental) that we are a part of,  for the most part does not observe some of the holy days and activities on a Christian Calendar.

There with that said, let’s continue… The group was somewhat divided. Some were for the observance and participation of some of the aspects and qualities of Lent and other Christian calendar activities. Others were against it and pointed out some of the negative repercussions of observing Lent and etc. It was interesting to hear some of the concerns: Observance to Lent could affect some people who came from a Christian background where strict observance was forced and had a legalistic flavor among other trepidations. Its counter was even more interesting, the fact that many people use the observance of Lent to build anticipation for Easter.

For me personally, I did not grow up in a Christian home so these traditions and customs were not a part of my history. I personally have no personal connection or obligation. The conversation today has sparked my interest however, and I’m curious about what all of you think. Please add to the dialogue and shape my Tabula Rasa on this subject.

*Interesting side not - the age demographic pro-observance of Lent and the Christian Calendar was predominately in their 20’s and those against were predominately in their late 30’s to 40’s.