On imagination / faith / endurance

Open my eyes so I can see what you show me of your miracle-wonders. – Psalm 119:18

Many things go through my mind when I’m running. Sometimes I think about my family, other times I think about the hurriedness of life. As I was running the other day, three things came to mind that captured my thoughts a few days after my run.

o   Running builds my imagination.

o   Running builds my faith.

o   Running builds my endurance.

If I time it just right, I can run down Mountain View Ave around 6 o’clock p.m. (which is an enormous hill), and I will be able to see the sun setting over the Rockies and especially over Longs Peak, which is the predominant 14ner in our area. The view is outrageous, snowcapped peaks with a violent orangish-red sky, dabbed with blue and black. Clouds encircle the peak, but not enough to cover it completely, yet enough to let you know they’re there willing to do battle with the peak. The beauty is something else… When I’m running I really come to appreciate the artist that God really is. Running builds my imagination, and reminds me that God’s creation is AMazing! As I run, I ask God to open my eyes to the wonders and beauty around me.

Another thing running does is it builds my faith. What I mean by this is that it forces me to have faith in my body and my surroundings. While I can do everything to make sure my body can handle a 10k, I must ultimately have faith that my body’s unseen elements are functioning properly. And that it can handle the strain and stress that I am about to put it through. Additionally, I have to count on and have faith that the conditions of the road ahead of me are safe enough and run worthy. I can do everything I can to make sure cars passing by can see me as I run in the bike lane, but ultimately I must have faith that the driver of the car sees me and is aware that I am also on the road.

It’s easy to quit when running gets hard, but it’s so rewarding to endure the run and cross the finish line. Endurance has been one of the fruits that I have gained through running. By pushing myself out the door and running when I do not feel like it, I have been able to grow in the knowledge and understanding of my limits - just how far and how fast I can run. The more I run the more I grow as a runner I become stronger, and can push myself even farther. Despite fatigue and stress, I gain the ability and strength to continue and last. My endurance becomes a quality for not only running, but also a lasting quality or fruit for life.

These three things seem to encapsulate the Christian life – Colossians 1:10-12…