Humility a must read every year...


Every year for the past four years, I have read this book as a devotional. Many have called Andrew Murry's book - Humility, the best work on humility ever written. To be honest, I wouldn't know about that only because this is the only book on humility that I have read. Every time I read this book, I feel like I just got hit over the head with a 2x4... I must ask myself every time, if I am allowing the Holy Spirit to form in my heart, what  Andrew Murray calls humility "our true nobility" and "the distinguishing feature of discipleship." 

Here is a brief summary of the book (Not in my words): "In twelve brief but powerful chapters, Murray underscores the Christian's need for humility - as opposed to pride - in daily life. It goes beyond simply a call to and illustrates how this spirit should appear by seeing how Jesus took on the form of a servant."