other books that have changed me...

41j98mzz59l_sl500_aa240_1 "We live in a world no longer under heaven. At least in most people's minds and imaginations that vision of reality has become little more than a caricature, conjuring up the saints and angels of baroque frescoes. And in the church only a hint remains of the power it once exercised in the hearts of believers."  A.J. Conyers... Eclipse of Heaven

I did not grow up in a house that believed in heaven, God, or anything about transcendence - we were godless and with out hope of eternity. I first became aware of the idea of heaven or anything spiritual for that matter, when my wife (Who was and is a Christian) asked me what I thought would happen to me when I died... I couldn't answer her. I had never thought about it until that moment. Since that time - the grace of God and the hope of eternity have been my motivation for everything that I am and do - as a Christ follower, husband, dad, and in ministry to kids, students and their families.

I first read the book "Eclipse of heaven" when I was in Bible college (I went to Bible college later on in life). Eclipse of Heaven was required reading for one of my New Testament classes, which was on the book - Revelation. The professor of that class said that if there is any book that semester that he recommended us reading all the way through, it was this book (Of course he also told us to read the book of Revelation all the way through as well). This book opened my eyes to the world that I had been living in for most of my life and i have never looked back... Every year I read the book of Revelation and at the same time I read Eclipse of Heaven - and every year I have set before my eyes the concept of heaven, eternity, and a transcendent world. Every year I have captured in my mind the reality of living and active God who moves and lives among us! And every year, my goal is to help our kids, students, and their families live lives that captured the same!

Here is a summary of the book (Not in my words): So begins A. J. Conyers in this provocative book, and suggests that the eclipse of heaven has resulted in a shallower view of life and death, in a loss of cultural and individual purpose, and in moral disarray. Drawing from Scripture and the early church, Conyers calls Christians to be in the vanguard of a desperately needed cultural recovery of the world beyond. This is a powerful, persuasive plea to stop blocking heaven from our sight, and so to regain hope, meaning, and richer lives - in this world and the one to come.