2009 Outstanding School Volunteer Nomination

lbcc_logo_horizontal As a church, we never want to brag or boast about what we do for our community, but I am excitement about the church that I am on staff and serve. Recently, we were nominated for the 2009 Outstanding School Volunteer of the Year Award.

LifeBridge is an externally focused church, meaning - we want to connect passionate people with practical resources, tools and relationships that will help them engage their communities with good deeds and good news resulting in transformed communities and changed lives.

There are several ways we live this out in the public school district here in our area - we serve our public schools through ShareFest, teacher appreciation, etc... Many of our Lifegroups serve the public schools by being volunteers, tutors, and by just having a presences at the schools. Many of our student ministry small groups (Student attended & adult lead) also do service projects at the schools throughout the school year by cleaning the schools ground, painting, and etc.

I know our staff and church members do not do these things because they want recognition, honor, or this award. I know our motivation is that we love God and people, and we want to engage our community with good deeds and good news! Our hope is that this will result in a transformed community and changed lives.