speaking of superstart... and then there is yancy

rock-n-happy1024x768 Speaking of SuperStart... I got to tell you, I've been very blessed to be a part of two student ministries that have had awesome student worship pastors - I mean these guys were and are incredible (The two student ministries, being my previous church I was on staff at and the current church I'm on staff). Both of these guys could connect with high school students and middle school students, but they just don't have the same effect with children and preteens.

And then there is Yancy... She is an incredible artist, musician, lead worshipper, and person. I've seen her lead middle school students in engaging worship @ Jr. High Believe (http://www.ciy.com/believe/) and I've been lead into high energy worship by her along with hundreds of 4th-6th graders at a SuperStart event (http://www.ciy.com/superstart/). My high school daughter and preteen daughter love her music, as well as my middle school son. You got to go to her website (http://www.yancynotnancy.com) and check out her music and maybe even book her for a children's or preteen event at your church.

Yancy is available to come to your city to lead worship, for Worship Training, Work with your band/team, or mentor your worship leader. See tour for more details. You can download a lesson from The Worship Pulse for free: The Pulse | PDF 1.3mb