Ahhh Bread!!!

The good and simple things in life... A couple of things I really missed from California (Besides family, and the Northern California coast amongst other things), while living in Missouri was fresh hot Safeway french bread and Hansen's all natural soda. Its funny because we lived in an area of Missouri (Far southwest corner of Missouri) and basically the only grocery stores were the three Super Wal-Mart stores in the area (There were a few other - Dillions, Price Cutters, and Food - 4 - Less, but they weren't worth going too!), and while they still sold hot french bread it wasn't the same - the tatse wasn't right. The bread had no taste, at least nothing like Safeway's, and the best french bread the stores provided was shipped in from other areas and was cold and usually stale. If I wanted really good hot bread, I had to go to Panera's, which still wasn't the same. So today, my family and I stopped off on the way home from Saturday night church and picked up three hot fresh loaves from Safeway - two for home and one for on the way home (Just like Pastor Rick shared in his sermon today). To top off the freshness of spectacular hot french bread from Safeway, we downed it with another missed California favorite - Hansen's Cherry Vanilla pure cane soda and hot chocolate :) Colorado has so many similarities to California that makes us feel at home!