Estes Park, Colorado

Family pic at Rocky Mountain National Park Recently my family and I went on a family vacation to Estes Park, Colorado. Estes is an amazing and beautiful place. One of our favorite hangouts in Estes is Rocky Mountain National Park. We like it so much, that we bought a annual park pass (We've already have used it 4 times). As my wife, kids and myself went on a mini-hike to a lake called Fern Lake (We didn't make it - it was to far and we weren't prepared for that far of a hike), we realized that we hadn't been on a family vacation in about 5 years. Probably like many people, life, work, and school dominates ourlives sometimes to the detriment of the well being of our family.

The questioned I asked myself while on this vacation was "where has the time gone!" My oldest daughter is a freshmen in high school, my son is getting taller than me (I know not to hard to do), and my youngest daughter is becoming a beautiful young lady. My kids have changed it seems in a blink of an eye and I sometimes don't know what I've missed out on in our complex lives! The nature of my profession (middle school pastor) requires me to be a mentor, teacher, friend, spiritual guide, and sometimes father-figure to many preteens and teenagers. For the past twelve years, I have been all these things to hundreds of students and have made many memories with them, some sad, some frustrating, but all of them amazing and life-changing.  However, what memories have I made with my own kids?

Don't get me wrong! I know I'm a good dad - I have great kids, I know they love me and I know they have a great foundation to begin building their very own "complex lives" with. And we have made many awesome and amazing memories together. It's just that I now understand even more so now that time is prestigious and every moment counts!