I'm a ragamuffin, sojourner, writer, Abba’s child, a has-been pastor and heart attack survivor. I own a coffee shop. I write stuff. More importantly, I'm a hope dealer. I believe there is hope for everyone and hope has a heartbeat.

Things To Know About Joe:

Joe is a person created in the imago dei, and is being refashioned by grace.

Joe is a heart attack survivor, which he had at the ripe age of 43.

Joe is a 15 year old skater/surfer kid—who happens to be forty-something. 

Joe is a coffeehouse owner.

Joe is a big fan of writing with pencils.

Joe is an extreme introvert, but everyone thinks he’s an extreme extrovert.

Joe is a capable husband—he’s not afraid to buy tampons for his wife.

Joe is a second-rate dad because he doesn’t know any good dad jokes.

Joe is a writer of poetry, but is too scared to call himself a poet.

Joe is a huge fan of letting people know the Light is winning. 

Things Joe likes to write about:

Grace and hope
Loving God and loving your neighbors
Faith and spirituality
Marriage and being a dad
Business, leadership, blogging and culture

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